Beijing Tak-Tik Culture Development Center has been providing excellent localization translation services in form of indirect outsourcing to many leading enterprises . The precursor of the Beijing Tak-Tik Culture Development Center was a main third-party group which has been offering a wide range of top translatons for many multinational companies for over 10 years.

With our business and strength increasing over time, our team growing gradually, and for the purpose of serving you better, we finally decided to formally establish a company - Beijing Tak Tik Culture Development Center - in 2012, and we will provide you with the best localization translation service as we always did, because in the past, we had been providing services and undertaking localization projects as a team and as a third or fourth-tier contractor. By now, we have translated more than dozens of million characters. Most of our clients call Tak-Tik the best vendor they have ever used.